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Games for Windows - LIVE

Downloadable game trailer

Little Shop Of Horrors

Microsoft Theater Troupe

Poster and T-shirt for October 2009 theatrical production

Don't Stop Believin' - A Totally 80s Prom

Logo for 80s-themed charity event

UX: The Designers

FUSE Design - Microsoft

Depicting a typical week in the life of a UX design team.
Winner of the 2009 "Engineering Excellence" video competition, and shown to new UX Designers at Microsoft.

Not Now, Darling

Microsoft Theater Troupe

Poster and T-shirt for March 2009 theatrical production

Not-So-Special Effects

MSN Games

Flash Animation from a promotional achievement badge.

Skinned Trivia Art

MSN Games

These pieces of original artwork were designed as tributes to current events in pop culture.

MSN Games Video Ad

MSN Games

Two of of several house video ads that played between levels on MSN Games.

Xbox Live Arcade Userpics

Xbox Live

Appears on Xbox Live Arcade in Texas Hold 'Em Poker